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I don’t really know how to do this

I guess to begin I will warm up with a little about my life at the moment and see where that leads.

My name is Alex Tahinos. I am an architecture student first and foremost. My future profession is architecture but I really don’t consider anyone to be an architect until they have truly mastered their own style. I have developed a love for architecture and have decided I will devote my life and all of my time to the art of architecture.

At the moment I am very confused.

I have been in school my entire life. I have worked odd jobs and summer jobs at malls and hardware stores. I have never stepped into the real world. My budgeting skills suck, my time management is pretty rough, and my morning rituals don’t really exist. That being said, I have recently moved to Amsterdam for my first job (actually a long-term internship) and I have to say that it has begun to confuse me.

I am starting this blog for answers. Answers to questions I have about architecture, about art, about philosophy, about society, maybe about politics, and mostly about life.

I guess as an introduction I will begin by trying out my new mantra:

I am an architect at heart.

Searching for questions, striving for solutions, and taking what I can.

I believe in design as something to be ultimately earned,

I believe that Architecture is War and War is Architecture,

and I believe that once more we will witness great Cathedrals rise.


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