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What has been on my mind for some time is the link of philosophy and architecture and what that means for built, student, and theoretical works of architecture.

Philosophy comes from the greek “philia” (φιλία), which means love, and the word “sophia” (σοφια), which means wisdom and so philosophy can be seen as the “love of wisdom”. Now wisdom is something that is completely subjective. It has a direct link with the times in which we live and work. It also is kind of a view into the way we think. Philosophy to me is connected directly to the interpretation of society and the world at that moment in time. Asking the questions of what is it, to be living at that time. Architectural movements follow philosophy because of its incorporation with society, people, and the way we think. All of these are huge parts that make up the purpose of architecture and philosophy alike. But to some, theory has no place in practice because of its habit of projecting into the future instead of dealing with the now.


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