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Techno Solace

Competition entry | Winter 2023

Meditation can be accessed through many means and methods. It is an extremely personal experience that takes practice and extreme focus. For this cabin, meditation is accessed through the act of disengagement and removal from ones context, both physically and mentally. In order to aid in the process of disengagement, three major states are represented to help achieve an enlightened state: control of Breath, Body, and Mind.

Visitors can experience all three cabins, or one single cabin can be deployed depending on spatial and budgetary restrictions. Groups can be composed in any way that fits the specific context.

Depending the features of the surroundings, the cabin can adapt to its context. Like the distinct culture within Tokyo, there are two extremes that are hybridized into a cohesive whole.

The torched cypress (Yakisugi) facade references the traditional features of Tokyo. Throughout the city’s major parks and shrines, the cabin fits perfectly within natural and calm settings.

The glass facade, with its illuminated dichroic panels, references the Neon City’s unique, vibrant, and glowing features. Alleyways, Yokochos, and populated areas are all familiar to the ever-changing and reflecting face of the cabin.

Conceptually, the cabin is meant to fit in, to be a familiar face, a slightly human form, that invites visitors to climb in. When inside, the materialistic, experiential and atmospheric idiosyncrasies help to remove visitors from the stressful context they have just come from.

Before permitting entry, there is one thing that the cabin asks of visitors. Like washing your hands before entering a church or removing your shoes before entering a house; visitors must leave their technology, phones, tethers, and place them into the lock box. This is the entry fee to begin your disengagement with Tokyo and to begin to move further into self awareness and control.

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