Ghost riding the whip at BJs

​May 23, 2020

It was a glorious yet rainy day.

Definitely was nervous about who I was going to meet.

But let me tell you! it was amazing!


Such a great day. Ya smells me??


Definitely had my first high school date ever

Went shopping for the essentials... Tofu and kimchi

Had to pop someones drive through cherry... worth every second

Almost had my card stolen, drive through attendant almost killed me for not using the efficient method of handing over my card.


Grooved to the soothing sounds of E40 and Dem Franchise boyzzzz 

Someone almost! and i mean almost let my face beat up their hands.

Made out in the BJs parking lot.

Definitely went 110% as opposed to the typical 90%


Went fishing!

Saw my shirtless and crocked up boys chillin under the 'zebo

Visited the many parking lots of north jersey!

might have made some slightly awkward comments that could have called for an early termination....


Ended up sneaking out of my parents place because we're badasses and my parents don't even get me!!


Best highschool date ever!

6 out of 5 stars.


@18andanalized signing off!!


And always remember...

Parking lot BJs at BJs!!

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