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Object | 01

Design Research | Summer 2017

In response to previous studies run through the Paranatrual Tower, graphic texture studies that border between artificial/natural, real/fake, and familiar/unfamiliar are turned to 3-Dimensional entities. This is the first study in the series of objects which turn familiar textures into unfamiliar objects. It is neither a planet nor a rock. It is a unknown object with its origin and demise at the same moment. It is a fleeting entity that sparks interest and only interest. It is not to be read deeper as an actor in a greater world, it is also not to be read shallower as a world to be inhabited made of smaller particulate.

The study of texture leads to an in depth look at the techniques of design and their power to spark intrigue. An objects purpose is to be itself and no more and no less. This object is seen as a semi-symmetrical object, utilizing both natural and artificial textures to blur the actuality of its existence.

The six total images requires no scale for the object to be read and the technique of creating place and no-place through the graphics purposefully blurs the objects scale.

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