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Maison Disruption

PennDesign | Arch 704 | Erick Carcamo | Spring 2015 | In collaboration with Ya Wen Huang

Looking into the stop motion photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, the main concept of this project was to simply dissect the use of motion capture software. This way we could create systems of movement through the gradient steps of a moving image. The image would be frozen and tweaked or finessed in a way to create an interesting formal quality that wold seem to be an object frozen in time. The end product was the destruction and reconstruction of the Maison Domino by Le Corbusier. The gold structure becomes the destroyer and yet also holds up the floors as a new life is created.

High Jump Motion Study
Fencing Motion Study
Object 1 - Image 1
Object 1 - Image 2
Object 1 - Image 3
Object 2 - Image 1
Object 2 - Image 2
Object 2 - Image 3
Object 3 - Image 1
Object 3 - Image 1
Object 3 - Image 1
Formal_Image 1
Formal_Cover Image
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