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Havana Club

PennDesign | Arch 701 | Paul Preissner | Fall 2016

Utopias are typically seen as societies or cultures where perfection is reached with the only sacrifice being boredom. Here, I began to study a quasi-uptopic collection of areas that could be seen as a pool wonderland. Subverting the pools as formal and idealistic social identifiers, each area begins to create, divert, and obstruct, space. This results in an atypical association with pool life and pool usage. The goal was to create a graphically intriguing and bizarre world in which pools become architecture, people become adapted to new life, and we begin to contemplate what is on the other side of the fence, literally.

Each of the drawings represents a different way to view the utopia, either as an idealistic and overly diagrammatic cluster, a unrealistic and colorful orthographic, an abstract flow diagram, a typical plan, or by the postcards that one may buy on their way out of this strange yet familiar land.

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