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Cuba Libre

PennDesign | Arch 701 | Paul Preissner | Fall 2016

With the borders being opened between Cuba and the United States, the well known speculation that Havana will be inundated by tourism and American Capitalism has been assumed as the destiny of the city. In this project I began to speculate on exactly how this would be done. In my mind the allure of Havana is in its false 50s culture. One that we all have fantasized as truth. 50's cars, 50's dress, and the ghost of Hemmingway at every corner. Through this study, I began to create a weird critical stance on what it would be like to truly give the tourist culture what they want, give them the ideal Cuba they are looking for. In the extensive studies on tourism, I had a chance to realy step back and analyze the false facade that is put up between the true culture and that of the one tourist's experience.

The driving force behind this resort is just that, a critique on tourism as a false culture. A culture that is no more and no less real than the culture of Cuba itself. In the exercise I began to mix and match the traditional Cuba, the fantastical Cuba, and the tourist Cuba to create an accelerated and tourist infused resort where locals and foreigners come together in a new hybridized Cuba Hyperobject.

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