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Object | 04

Design Research | Summer 2018

The irreducible object is one that cannot be fully understood. Through my object studies, the attempt is always to describe an object through specific qualities, pull something out of it that is at first unseen. To make the viewer approach and evaluate objects for aesthetic values previously unseen.

Studies into the familiar become very interesting in that they approach objects with the intent of altering a preconceived notion or stereotype. The purpose of these are to question reality or truth in a situation. To put the value and truth of reality to the forefront calls into question the socially constructed or scientifically accepted norms we have grown so accustomed to.

The familiar has been driving most of my studies to date. Trying to alter a state of an object, estrange it, and create a new understanding. Through the lens of speculative realism, the approach to understanding objects seems to be in vain. That the object is ultimately unknowable is the given and the variable seems to be the affects placed on it. Therefore for these studies and hopefully moving forward, the focus will much more on the context or container of the object. Almost seen as an "anti-object" where the object is actually shifted to the subject in a literal sense. The design happens in the creation of surroundings and containers that create new affects thus estranging and manipulating the normalcy of each object, calling its current state a curated sensual state.

The three-dimensional objects created are tests not of context but of the action of blurring between object and subject. The hyper-object qualities of creating a world makes them border between real and fake. The hyper articulation and attempt at hyper realistic rendering creates a fine line between fact and fiction where, as of now, the subject and object flip between viewer and viewed.

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