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Object | 03

Design Research | Spring 2018

Diving into technique of algorithmic design, specifically that of "deep dream image reading", I experiment with the subtlety of color and shade through familiarity in images. The abstract nature of the textures created, leave an interesting trace of digital patina that comes from the erasure of details through scaling down along with the misreading and misinterpretation of imagery by the computer's AI. These "familiar" forms have been seen as repeated biological or technological entities, but shape, color and texture become abstract representations of what the computer sees as recognizable.

These tests became forays into the three-dimensionality of the deep dream images. As landscapes emerge as the more familiar engagement with the images, the start and harsh form of the cube contains the necessary medium for the abstract textural qualities. The landscapes as well as the cube and its materiality all stem from different uses and interpretations of the abstract and minimal deep dream images. But the techniques are only medium in which to test the aesthetic familiarity, the end product is a poor digital crutch necessary to open a possible route in which to take these interesting yet mundane Artificial Intelligent artworks.

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