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Object | 02

Design Research | Summer 2017

Inspired by the many Digital artists floating around the internet, I set out to not only to test new media, but looking for something deeper. Each artist takes about 1 day to model and render each image. Leaving the mind to wander where these mysterious worlds lead. Are they continuous, finite, molecular, planet-size? How do they work? Who lives on them? Who holds them in their pocket? The creation of these digestible vernaculars make us contemplate the creation of a world in a single day.

The study of a vernacular is something that takes centuries to develop and understand. But in today's society we are naive enough to believe we can create them in an afternoon. Or are we so naive?

This study stems from simple textural studies but asks questions of permanence, exuberance, complexity and place. Looking to imagery of cities at night .the haziness and the mystery, I set out to create an object holding similar traits and could possibly sustain similar cultural connotations if it were occupied predominantly by anything from humans or E,coli.

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